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Coffee + a good book at Rossyln's Compass Coffee

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

In my epic search for a simple coffee shop that actually values comfort over Pinterest pinnability stool mania, I checked out Compass Coffee in Rosslyn. My hopes were not terribly high of finding an armchair (my ultimate goal, with an ottoman) because I had been to a DC location that was full of stools and a very trendy look, but I was lucky enough to have located a few armchairs in what appeared to be an office lobby, and I wasn't even confident I was supposed to be there, but all the other occupants of similar seating were also toting Compass Coffee cups, so it seemed fair.

I had noticed that this Rosslyn location was relatively huge, and tall, and seemed cozy from a distance, so seemed worth a try. Upon entering, I spied fireplaces (many bonus points), but also very few open seats, so I crossed my fingers as I ordered that I'd have more luck upstairs. What I really liked about the top level was that it was arranged in mini-living room arrangements, separated by wall dividers. There were several armless loveseats and slipper chairs in addition to a host of stools and upright banquettes. Comfort rating: Medium. Loveseat was good; having my back straight up against a mildly upholstered wall was only so-so. Lots of millennials’ backs to look at as they leaned over their MacBooks. Caramel hot chocolate was a win, and I enjoyed their Cardinal blend.

Where to get an art fix after reading over coffee?

Closest option: a public tour of Rosslyn sculptures, and even add in a reading pit stop in an Adirondack chair placed conveniently in semi-green spaces throughout the neighborhood.

Alternatively, head to Georgetown to view a number of galleries or hop on the metro to the Smithsonian to a number of galleries.

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