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For Five Coffee in Old Town

#KillingTimeNearKingStreetMetro #ForFive

Within view of King Street metro, and one street crossing away, For Five Coffee, from NYC, has an impressive space with a white and black design, and best of all, soooo many armchairs, sofas and other comfy places to sit. When really in the mood to read, I take two novels with me (The Boston Girl and Washington Black) and read a chapter in one, then the other. For Five was so comfortable I read 3 chapters in each book...

The greenery went so well with the black and white that it struck me whenever I looked up. An open atrium area with armchairs and sofas is where I'll be next time I go. For Five started in Queens, and now has many locations in New York, a few in Chicago and LA, and now this is the first location in the DC area, with more coming this year in Arlington and DC.

Coffee: For Five

Armchairs: Lots

Wifi: Yes

Outlets: Near many tables



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